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Janaina | Brazil | She/Her

JANAINA MEDEIROS is a Brazilian artist, graduated in Visual Arts from Regional University of Blumenau (FURB), specialized in creating illustrations about fairy tales, ancient myths and fantasy stories. Her artistic style is influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Art Nouveau, and Anime/Manga artists. You can find her work in books, comics, stationery stores, gallery shows and more.


For business inquiries, feel free to contact.


Selected Clients
DC Comics, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Editora Wish, The Bookish Box, Luna Station Press, Bushiroad Inc, DPI Magazine Taiwan, Black Fox Press, and more.


- Complete list of published works.

- Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls, Spoke Art group
exhibition, Recess gallery, San Francisco, CA - Oct, 2020

- Silent Transmissions and MicroVisions 3, group exhibitions, WOW x WOW online gallery - 2020

- Power In Numbers 5, postcard show, Gallery Nucleus Portland - Portland, OR - Feb-Mar, 2020
- Small Art For A Big Cause, exhibition, Light Grey Art Lab - Minneapolis, MN - Dec, 2018
- TOBEYOU, exhibition, Light Grey Art Lab - Minneapolis, MN - Mar, 2017

- Selection of artworks made during 2021-2009.

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